• 5 ways prefabricated homes are changing the game

    If you have been considering purchasing a modular home, now is the time. Although prefabricated houses garnered a reputation as cheaply produced shacks when they hit the market decades ago, the general consensus seems to be shifting.

  • A guide to home automation

    As the world becomes increasingly technology-driven and gadget-reliant, it only makes sense to find a way to gain greater control of your devices. Although some people shy away from the smart house movement out of a desire for simple living, home automation certainly serves a purpose.

  • Stop Soil Erosion

    Many homeowners are going to extreme lengths to make their houses sustainable and eco-friendly. However, what are to do if the environment you're trying to protect slowly begins to turn on you?

    All of the modern advancements such as solar, geothermal or radiant heat can mean nothing if your home is susceptible to ground erosion. Over time, the weathering elements can slowly eat away at the ground around a house's foundation. Rain and wind might strip the soil right from a yard if preventative measures aren't taken to protect the slopes on which a structure sits.

  • More Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

    No matter what time of year it is, there's always some strain on your energy bill. It can be heating during the winter or air conditioning in the summer. Whatever the reason, there are small preventative measures you can make to ensure your energy bill is as low as possible.