• Remodel to the greenest of your ability

    Everyone is becoming more aware of how the actions toward eco-friendly practices taken today will have a large impact on future generations. For instance, remodeling your home can damage the environment if you do so carelessly, but there are alternate steps you can take.

  • How to remodel your home for aging in place

    As you look into the future, do you imagine living in the same home through your golden years? While assisted living communities are a great option for some older people, many hope to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in their own houses.

  • The tiny house movement

    How large of a space do you think you need in a home to be happy? There's no single or correct answer to that question. It's absolutely a matter of individual preference. However, a small house that uses minimal resources can help you save more money than you could imagine while paying a full mortgage.

  • Passive houses: What they are and how to have one

    There is constant chatter about what it means to go green and the best ways to do so. It's become clear that people are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and an interesting movement has been gaining popularity in the USA - passive houses.

    What is a passive house?

  • How to involve your kids in remodeling

    A major remodeling endeavor can be stressful for kids who are comfortable with their surroundings and have lived there for several years. However, involving your kids in the remodeling process can bring the family together as a team, demonstrate the value of hard work and boost their self-esteem as helpers.