• Announcing the Total Warmth System

    We're changing radiant heat all over again and are thrilled to introduce our new Total Warmth System. It combines our award winning radiant panels with the latest technologies to deliver a single source for unsurpassed radiant comfort.

  • How does radiant heat save energy?

    A typical radiant heated home in the US can expect a 25%* energy savings over a conventional forced air home due to a variety of factors that are explained below. This savings can be further increased if using high efficiency heat sources in conjunction with the radiant heat system.
    * 1998 study by Kansas State University and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE])

    Parasitic losses

  • Warm up from the recent polar vortex

    With the recent cold snap sweeping across the US and Canada there is no better time to think about heat, more specifically home heating. Heating utility bills are often accredited as a major concern for homeowners during the winter months, which is why many people are looking for the most efficient and best way to stay warm.

  • Craft Beer & Radiant Heat

    There’s been a renaissance happening across the US. But this one isn’t based in the arts or higher learning (per se) – it’s based on beer.  Over the past several years the American beer drinker has been awakened; no longer satisfied with tasteless beers from the few Macro-Breweries, an increasing amount of consumers want to taste something new, with fuller flavor and superior quality. Craft beers have become all the rage.

  • Fast Radiant Demystified

    Understanding high mass, low mass and the importance of conductivity

    Warmboard is a simple concept which maximizes the speed at which heat is delivered under all circumstances. One of the most significant benefits of Warmboard is its ability to adjust to temperature changes quickly and keep a conditioned space at the desired temperature. We call this “fast radiant”, because unlike competing radiant solutions, Warmboard reacts faster. This unique benefit is a result of Warmboard’s low mass and superior conductivity.

  • Conductivity and Radiant Heat Infographic

    We are excited to share a new infograph that illustrates the importance of conductivity and how it directly affects the performance of any radiant heating system. 

    As you'll see Warmboard uses aluminum, which allows for faster responses to changing heat loads throughout the day, ensuring unrivaled comfort. It also means more even floor temperatures and access to a wider variety of flooring options.