• Making Analogies

    Analogies are wonderful things - ideal in helping others visualize and understand a topic they are unfamiliar with. We use them too. While radiant heat is known for its comfort and energy efficiency, different products offer varying levels of performance. For those unfamiliar with radiant heat, discussing the differences between a high mass system and a low mass system is almost like a foreign language. But if we make a car analogy, and say, for example, that radiant heat is like a car, low mass systems are sedans, high mass systems are semi-trucks - this is something everyone can visualize.

  • Total Warmth System - Why?

    Now that we’ve announced our new Warmsource and the Total Warmth System, we wanted to delve deeper into the idea of “Why”. Why this system? Why now?

    Our approach here has always been to make products that make sense. To remove complexity and make products that work well and install easily, intuitively. It has always been our opinion that radiant heating is far too complex and expensive. We’re aiming to change that. We want the comfort and energy savings of radiant heat to be more accessible and more affordable.

  • Announcing the Total Warmth System

    We're changing radiant heat all over again and are thrilled to introduce our new Total Warmth System. It combines our award winning radiant panels with the latest technologies to deliver a single source for unsurpassed radiant comfort.

  • How does radiant heat save energy?

    A typical radiant heated home in the US can expect a 25%* energy savings over a conventional forced air home due to a variety of factors that are explained below. This savings can be further increased if using high efficiency heat sources in conjunction with the radiant heat system.
    * 1998 study by Kansas State University and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE])

    Parasitic losses

  • Warm up from the recent polar vortex

    With the recent cold snap sweeping across the US and Canada there is no better time to think about heat, more specifically home heating. Heating utility bills are often accredited as a major concern for homeowners during the winter months, which is why many people are looking for the most efficient and best way to stay warm.

  • Craft Beer & Radiant Heat

    There’s been a renaissance happening across the US. But this one isn’t based in the arts or higher learning (per se) – it’s based on beer.  Over the past several years the American beer drinker has been awakened; no longer satisfied with tasteless beers from the few Macro-Breweries, an increasing amount of consumers want to taste something new, with fuller flavor and superior quality. Craft beers have become all the rage.