Utah organization looking to promote energy efficient, healthy housing

Tue, 09/25/2012 - 10:18

The use of energy efficient technology and clean products in a home can help to provide a healthier atmosphere for families to live in, and one organization in Utah is hoping to promote this idea to local residents, according to Fox 13 Salt Lake City.
The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative's "Idea House" program has already converted an old vacant home in Kearns into a modern and efficient residence. The older building materials were taken out and new and cleaner products and fixtures were brought in to provide a healthier environment.
According to the news outlet, not only was this project aimed at providing a clean home for a family to live in, but also to serve as an example for how the use of energy efficient products can provide a significant benefit in the long term.
This project looked to reduce the presence of dust and allergens in the home, according to Fox 13, and the health requirements of one local family were met after the residence was gutted and renovated.
"I have allergies and then asthma as well and we’ve struggled in different places that we’ve been in just having problems with that," first-time home buyer Maddie Herboldsheimer told the news outlet after securing the residence for her family.
Products like a radiant heating system can help a family remove some of the contaminants and allergens from their residence, as these systems do not require the use of radiators, heating ducts and air vents.
Though they are much safer and cleaner than other heating systems, radiant products are not any less efficient. The beauty of these systems is that they are energy efficient and help to provide a warm, comfortable setting for any family.