Top green trend: Radiant floor heating

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 18:05

As homeowners strive to reduce energy bills and decrease the carbon footprint associated with their properties, a number of technologies and materials are quickly becoming recognized as consumers' favorites. Some technologies allow individuals to reduce energy use and other materials improve durability and system improvements increase sustainability. 
Here are three green technologies expected to be popular in 2013:
1) Smart thermostats. By installing a smart thermostat, a homeowner can select and program when he or she wants cool or heat systems to run. Because many people are not home during the 9 to 5 work hours, it makes sense to reduce the maintained temperature in the house. However, because of the difficulty and inefficiency of remembering to turn down the thermostat before walking out the door, and the discomfort of coming back to a cold home, regular thermostats are lackluster. Instead, a smart thermostat allows a homeowner to schedule when he or she wants the heat to turn off and on, so that the home can be nice and cozy for when a person returns at the end of the work day. 
2) Radiant floor heating. For homeowners who wish to reduce monthly energy bills, radiant floor heating is the ideal solution. This modern energy-efficient technology can fill a home with comforting heat without using the same excess amount of fuel required by more traditional options. In addition, the technology can allow a homeowner to set zones and turn off heat being sent to individual areas of a house to reduce energy use even further.
3) Solar panels. Advancements in solar technology have allowed for the development of high-storage-capacity panels. Instead of the bulky units, a homeowner can choose to install just a few and relieve some of a home's reliance on traditional fossil fuels.