Three energy efficient residential renovations

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 16:15

Homeowners tired of seeing money fly out of their pocket to pay for utilities are in luck. The development of energy-efficient technologies can provide a number of solutions to a weary individual. From the ceilings to the floors a homeowner can select a few key renovation projects to boost the sustainability of his or her home. 
Starting at the floors, consider installing radiant floor heating next time those base board heaters start making that awful clanking sound. Silent, invisible and efficient - this heating solution requires less energy to keep a home nice and toasty. The utility solution can be installed under a number of popular flooring materials so a homeowner might want to consider tearing up that outdated carpet and installing something truly beautiful while the pipes for radiant floor heating are being installed - two renovation projects  with only one construction disruption!
Consider the walls to be your next renovation location. Window technology has significantly advanced in the past decade. However, many homeowners are still suffering with windows that are decades old. Improve the energy efficiency of a house by installing new windows throughout the home. Triple pane, high R-value windows act as a barrier against the outdoor elements that can steal away heat. 
"Windows vary in terms of material and age," Daniel Vannoni, owner of ProperSee, Inc., a digital home improvement consulting company, told Yahoo News. "Generally, older windows are less energy efficient than newer ones, since they still tend to be single pane glass windows."
Finally, make sure the entire home is secure with an investment in insulation. Combined with other energy-efficient renovations, insulation can have a significant impact on the sustainability of a home in winter and summer and the months in between.