Taking steps to improve indoor air quality

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 08:00

While much of the rhetoric and political talk in many developed nations is focused on improving the outside environment, people often forget about the dangers posed by indoor spaces and a lack of clean air in these areas.
According to the Elko Daily Free Press, the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) encompasses indoor conditions that are required for human health and comfort.
The two main factors affecting indoor air are the presence of allergens and contaminants in a home, and the level of comfort associated with the environment. While things like acoustics, lighting and views also come into play, there is much less of an impact made by these factors.
According to the news outlet, many recent studies have highlighted how families and employees have been less healthy and productive because of their indoor environment being contaminated or unhealthy.
There are many ways to rectify this situation, as the installation of certain products can help to eliminate a number of airborne contaminants and increase the comfort that people feel within a residence.
Making these improvements allows a family to live in a much healthier environment without having to worry about potentially damaging long-term effects. It also helps to increase productivity for workers in an office, as they will take less sick days and perform better in a more comfortable setting.
A Warmboard radiant heating system is able to help a family address both of these issues, as the technology used in the product eliminates airborne contaminants and provides a warm and comfortable environment for everyone.
Heating is zoned with this product, saving a homeowner money and eliminating waste while also ensuring that the highest level of comfort is achieved throughout a residence.