Students take on challenge to design green home for comedian

Fri, 03/15/2013 - 12:31

Post-secondary students across the provinces of Canada are competing in the annual Home Sweet Home Student Challenge. The yearly competition asks architecture students to design a home for Rick Mercer, the famous Canadian comedian and political satirist, and see what he thinks about how you incorporated his individual needs into the unit. 
The Ottawa Citizen reports that this years' competitors are challenged with designing a sustainable building that could, in theory, be placed in a small triangle of small at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa. About 16 entrees were submitted for the competition. However, contestants will have to wait until April 2, 2013, to hear about whether or not they won. 
Algonquin College students designed an eco-friendly flat that is built out of two recycled shipping containers. According to the news source, the metal containers would be covered in insulation and then corrugated metal cladding. The entire design would take up approximately 950 square feet to comply with the size standards dedicated by Mercer. 
The design also features a green roof to reduce summer heat and provide an outdoor space for relaxing and vegetable beds. To provide power to the property, students have included a photovoltaic system for electricity, which is also used to heat the house during winter with a radiant floor heating system. The utility solution is highly energy efficient and will allow Mercer to relax in a building with a small carbon footprint without having to give up creature comforts. 
A radiant floor heating system can easily be incorporated in large or small spaces - making it ideal for property owners interested in designing a more sustainable space.