Solar Decathlon History

Mon, 08/24/2009 - 15:50

Warmboard has a successful history at previous Solar Decathlon competitions.  In 2005, Warmboard was selected by the University of Colorado in Boulder to contribute to the heating system for their home.  It was a thrill when University of Colorado won the competition and took first place.

Warmboard being installed in University of Maryland house Looking to the success of University of Colorado, five universities (including University of Maryland, MIT, and University of Cincinnati) chose Warmboard in the 2007 Solar Decathlon for its industry-leading energy efficiency. Tony Gasparich, President of Warmboard Inc. said, “It has been a pleasure and honor to be included in the homes that have great potential to shape our future. We truly enjoyed being a sponsor."

Recognition as a team sponsor in the past has allowed Warmboard to continue gaining additional exposure in the green building community. As healthy, green, and energy efficient building trends rapidly unfold, more companies are beginning to realize that to be green is not a pop culture fad, but a way of life.

Warmboard’s contribution to the Solar Decathlon teams has allowed Warmboard to expand into the green building movement that continues to encompass smarter and more energy efficient products for home building.

Warmboard’s multiple application usage from standard water heaters to solar and geothermal systems, will continue to keep it on the cutting edge of green technology.

Cutting Warmboard at University of MarylandInstalling Warmboard at University of MarylandMIT’s Solar 7 HouseInside MIT’s Solar 7 House

Solar Decathlon ContestsInstalling Warmboard at Lawrence Technological UniversityLawrence Technological University Installing WarmboardConsulting Warmboard Plans at University of Maryland

2007 Solar Decathlon Results

University of Maryland Finishes Strong at Solar Decathlon Competition

2007 Solar Decathlon / Photo Credit: Kaye Evans-Lutterodt/Solar Decathlon.University of Maryland - 2nd
University of Texas at Austin - 10th
MIT - 13th
University of Cincinnati - 15th
Lawrence Technology Institute - 20th

University of Maryland’s LEAFHouse, using Warmboard Radiant Subfloor, placed second at the Solar Decathlon competition in Washington, DC and finished an impressive first among the 17 competing U.S. teams.

Maryland won the energy balance and communications contests and scored highly in the other events. Warmboard was also used in the University of Texas at Austin’s BLOOMhouse which finished tenth overall in the competition and took a first place in the hot water contest, second place in the engineering contest, and third place in the comfort zone contest.

Photo Credit: Kaye Evans-Lutterodt/Solar Decathlon

When talking to the Maryland team about why they selected Warmboard, Amy Gardner, Faculty Advisor, states “Warmboard's solution to radiant floor installation provided the LEAFHouse team and several other Solar Decathlon teams with an easy to install, low-mass radiant floor panel. It was a great fit with the LEAFHouse’s overall design goals, construction needs, and radiant floor system design.”

For more information on the Solar Decathlon visit: www.solardecathlon.org

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