School includes radiant floor heating in plans

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:33

In Windham, Connecticut, there is a new school in the works. The Norwich Bulletin reports that the educational facility is expected to be completed within the next six months because construction is nearing completion. 
The school is expected to be a hub of learning and necessary for a town that is growing in size and population. Teachers are being hired, staff are lined up and curriculums are being prepared. However, those tasks are not the only things getting done in this crucial development moment for the new school. The news source reports that the building is also being outfitted with a number of modern eco-friendly features to improve the health of the students and energy-efficiency of the structure. 
Preschool and kindergarten wings of the school will be outfitted with radiant floor heating according to building plans. Education experts reason that kids at that age spend a considerable amount of time on the floor and this will improve comfort for everyone. 
"I'm really looking forward to getting the kids here," said Principal Jeff Wihbey, according to the news source. "I'm getting a lot of work done, but I miss the relationships you have with the staff and the kids."
Soon the school will be in working order and everyone using the space will appreciate the time and effort that went into building this eco-friendly educational space. The facility was designed to make the most of every square foot and reduce waste. 
"There's no wasted space here," Wihbey told the news source. "Everything is geared toward learning and the needs of the students to get the best education they can." 
Even schools can benefit from the adoption of radiant floor heating when educators are concerned about comfort, students' health and energy efficiency.