Salt Lake City goes green to build new public safety building

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 08:31

City officials across the United States are in the pursuit of going green. KUTV News reported that Salt Lake City's new public safety building is about to be opened. The four-story building is expected to become a city landmark and house the police, fire, 911 and emergency management departments.
Construction began on the structure about two years ago after it received approval from more than 65 percent of the voting public. City officials declared that they would remain transparent about the construction process for the new building to continue to encourage good will in the community. 
"We are excited to begin the process of construction of the public safety building. I promise that this construction process will be transparent and efficient. It will be on time, on budget and a beautiful green building that this city can be proud of," said Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, according to the city's website.  
The news source reported that the $125 million facility was built with sustainability in mind and has achieved a net-zero status. The structure is powered with solar energy, and radiant floor heating has been installed to further increase the operational efficiency of the building. Radiant floor heating can fill the 170-square-foot facility with warmth without having to consume a large amount of energy from fossil fuels. Unlike traditional boiler or heating delivery systems like vents and radiators, a radiant floor heating system fills a room with warmth more directly through the floor. 
In addition, the utility system is easily powered with solar energy, which further increases the sustainability of the structure. As more cities turn toward green solutions, city planners may want to consider the power of radiant floor heating systems