Renovate your home for energy efficiency

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 08:54

Are you tired of paying extreme utility costs every month? It's not uncommon for residential homeowners to get nervous every winter because heating bills begin to steadily increase and take more and more from the monthly household budget. 
If you're tired of budgeting for increasing prices associated with oil and gas you should consider the benefits of installing more energy-efficient technologies throughout your home. The right combination of systems can show a return on investment (ROI) within a few years. If you're truly dedicated to a green renovation project, get your home certified and see its worth on the market jump. 
"A certified home-energy rating is worth every penny, and it's rarely more than $500," Jeremy Knoll, an architect and co-founder of Historic Green, told Mother Earth News. "It gives you a priority list based not on your gut feeling, but on measured data of what's going to make the most difference in your home in terms of energy repair work." 
One of the most effective technologies for reducing monthly bills is radiant floor heating. Skip the unnecessary high costs associated with traditional heating systems. A radiant floor heating system uses considerably less energy than the boiler systems usually found in a home that use vents, baseboard units or radiators to transport warmth. 
Using the science of conduction, warmth is slowly transferred through the floorboard of a home and radiates throughout the entire home with a radiant floor heating solution. Vents and baseboard heating units allow for heat loss to occur throughout the home. But with a radiant floor heating solution, the warmth is applied directly to each room and avoid the potential for heat loss because of the thermal qualities.