Recycling facility outfitted with radiant heating to support green initiative

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 20:34

In an attempt to promote sustainability, one town has not only opened a new sort of recycling venture, but housed their efforts in a sustainable building. The Town of New Paltz, New York, recently opened a ReUse Center at the town transfer station and former landfill site on Clearwater Drive.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that a brand-new warehouse now holds a variety of materials and foods that are available to be purchased for pennies on the dollar. Everything from recycled construction materials to tissue paper is available and stock is constantly coming in and out of the facility as consumers flock to find deals during these cash-strapped times.

"Really, there is no such thing as garbage," New Paltz recycling coordinator Laura Petit told the news source.
In an effort to further promote sustainability, the warehouse built to house the venture had multiple energy-efficient technologies used in its design. According to the news source, the radiant heat flooring was installed underneath the concrete floors to reduce the expense of warming the facility. Promoting sustainability was a primary goal of Paltz officials, so it only made sense to select an energy-efficient heating solution. In addition, the initial investment will later reduce operational expenses by limiting utility costs.

The venture was inspired by the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange, which is a privately owned operation. The Paltz ReUse Center was initially funded by a $175,000 grant by the Department of Environmental Conservation.
Green energy solutions like radiant heating exemplify groups' efforts to support sustainability in future endeavors.