Radiant in Residential

Wright home incorporates the use of radiant floor heating

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 13:42

For homeowners who are interested in architectural history, there's almost no greater prize than owning one of the structures built by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Mary Ludgin and Mark Donovan have owned a Wright home for over 14 years, according to the Daily Herald.
The couple has worked hard to renovate the house, which was built in 1896, to its former glory. Wright built the house in the beginning of his career. As a result, the property is a perfect example of the development of Wright's style and overall design philosophy. 
According to the news source, Ludgin and Donovan are taking their time with the renovations. The various changes homeowners have made over the decades must be slowly peeled back so that the structure may be repaired to its original Wright design. Little details found underneath paint, carpet and other additions give the couple necessary indicators of what was originally there.
"Wright was a colorist. So in the dining room, for instance, we found two-tone paint, evidence of where the horizontal trim pieces originally were and even where some sconces had originally hung," Ludgin told the news source.
One of the eco-friendly features the couple added to the house, which was very much considered a Wright quality is the radiant floor heating system. Historically, Wright installed radiant floor heating in many of the commercial and residential homes he built. The sustainable heating solution provides ultimate comfort for guests and residents - without making utility costs sky rocket. 
The gentle warmth flowing through the floors have provided Ludgin and Donovan with exceptional heating, reports the Daily Herald. In addition to being a cost saver, the radiant floor heating is also in compliance with Wright's design, which will make the home more historically accurate.