Radiant in Residential

Wright home features radiant floor heating

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 10:19

An Asheville, Florida, a home has recently been purchased after undergoing renovations. The 3,500-square-foot home attracted the attention of homebuyers Carol and Marty Gillen. The Citizen Times reported that the house was unfinished when the couple first walked it, but the bones of the property and the view was so spectacular that the Gillens decided it was the home for them. After purchasing the property, the couple focused on renovating the house to fit their needs. 
"It took us a year to finish it, and we had the opportunity to do it our way," Marty told the news source. "It was an unusual design, with 10- to 12-foot ceilings inside, a built-in backup generator [and] radiant heat throughout."
These features attracted the attention of the couple. A radiant floor heating system keeps the entire property comfortable and relaxed. Unlike a traditional heating system that uses vents, radiators or baseboard units to dispense warmth, this option features pipes under the floorboards to deliver heat evenly. The entire house has been outfitted with the heating system so that comfort is felt throughout the home. 
In addition to promoting comfort, the system allows the couple to reduce operational expenses. Because a radiant floor heating system relies on less traditional energy like coal and natural gas, a homeowner is able to reduce his or her energy expenses. As more and more homeowners look to reducing operational costs, radiant floor heating will increase in popularity. Carol and Marty both knew that heating expenses are increasing every year and wanted to avoid the added expense. As a result, they choose to install this heating option in the home during the renovation. 

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