Radiant in Residential

Washington home to feature radiant heating technology

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 05:03

A Redmond, Washington residence has been remodeled in the heart of Education Hill to provide a residence for a family in the growing community, according to the Bellevue Patch.

The home will feature all of the latest technologies and modern amenities, as the developers have identified the niche market for the area in an attempt to capitalize on the growing population for Redmond, the news source reported.

Included in the remodeled home will be a double oven, new kitchen fixtures, cherry cabinets and radiant heated floors that feautre Travertine coverings on the first floor. The bathrooms feature the same heated floor technology in an effort to provide maximum comfort to the residents, while not compromising the aesthetics of the house, according to the Patch.

Radiant heating systems can be installed into floors with a variety of coverings, due to the ease with which this technology can be implemented compared to other systems. Along with providing contractors with a small amount of work because of the use of a combined subfloor and radiant panel, it is aesthetically pleasing without the need for air ducts and radiators.