Radiant in Residential

Virginia home to feature radiant heating to maximize efficiency

Mon, 07/25/2011 - 06:24

Allison Threatt, a Charlottesville, Virginia resident, wanted to build her dream house in a way that would maximize efficiency, while still providing her with an aesthetically-pleasing home, according to The New York Times.

After living in cities around the world, including Benin, Warsaw and Quebec City, Threatt decided to return home to North Carolina to build her dream house. In doing this, she decided to consult her childhood friend, an architect in the area, the news source reported.

Upon purchasing four acres of property, she enlisted the help of her friend in building the most efficient and comfortable house that she could imagine. Working on a moderate budget, Threatt decided that up-front costs would eventually cancel out in long-term savings, reported The Times.

Threatt decided to invest in a radiant heating system that would be installed in the floors of the residence, as a way to provide comfortable yet efficient warmth while reducing her energy costs, according to the news source. 

Radiant heating systems offer a much more even temperature throughout the room than traditional forced air systems. While with a former system, the temperature between the floor and the ceiling may vary only a few degrees, the latter can allow the temperature differential to be more than 20 degrees. In addition radiant heating systems allow an individual the comfort of a floor-based heating apparatus that provides warm walks around the house while significantly reducing energy costs.