Radiant in Residential

Vermont retirement home to provide seniors with increased comfort, efficiency

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 13:14

A new retirement home in Bennington, Vermont, recently underwent a renovation project that aimed to both help seniors in the facility feel more comfortable and provided these individuals with lowered costs due to increased efficiency.
The Associated Press reported that the Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington finished a large-scale geothermal project, as the building will now use the alternative energy source to provide power to its redesigned heating and cooling systems. This will help to lower the operating costs during winter and summer months, along with helping to provide a cleaner atmosphere for these older adults to relax in.
According to the news outlet, home administrator Melissa Jackson noted that the heating and cooling systems were recently reworked to link up with the new energy source, as they will draw power from the geothermal system.
Jackson noted that the retirement home has projected annual savings of roughly $200,000, as reduced oil consumption would help to limit the overhead costs.
Governor Peter Shumlin said the project served as "an example of how we can move toward more efficient and cleaner renewable energy."
Geothermal energy sources are commonly linked with radiant heating systems in order to maximize on the overall energy efficiency of the products.
Radiant heating systems also help to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for residents, as the technology spreads the heat out more evenly and allows seniors to experience warmth from the ground up.
Seniors with problems like arthritis and poor circulation may also love the type of comfort that comes from stepping onto a radiant heated floor. Unlike cold tiles that are often found in many buildings and homes, the surface of the floor will be warm and cozy to the touch.