Radiant in Residential

Updated, historic home for sale in Buffalo

Fri, 10/19/2012 - 09:07

Sometimes, property gems are made available on the market that feature both the modern amenities Americans have come to expect and historical beauty. Buffalo Rising reports that the Johnson Park house, in the upscale Johnson Park residential neighborhood is for sale. The land the community is currently on was originally donated by the city of Buffalo's first mayor, Ebenezer Johnson.

As the oldest residential neighborhood in Buffalo, many potential homebuyers could be thrilled at the opportunity to purchase a home in Johnson Park. The property for sale is located at 51 Johnson Park and was once the home of President Grover Cleveland. The news source reports that the house was built in 1866 in an Italianate style, and in 1876 a Greek Revival front porch was added that still stands today.

The updates to the historic home are numerous. According to Buffalo Rising, the restored Georgian Federal Style brick home features a large living room, grand foyer, oak-pegged floors throughout the property with radiant heating, a double-column fireplace and floor-to-ceiling Southern-style windows.

Modern, energy-efficient updates to a historical home can increase the value of a property. Products like a radiant heating system can help a property owner limit energy use in a house without requiring a large construction project that could potentially destroy historical characteristics of a house.

A company like Warmboard could provide the necessary skills and products necessary for renovating a historic property with exceptional energy-efficient technology. By installing radiant heating under the traditional flooring materials of a historic home, a resident can benefit from the welcoming warmth flowing from below their feet without disturbing the character of the house.