Radiant in Residential

Unseasonably cold winters don't have to create a chill inside

Wed, 12/25/2013 - 19:47

The unseasonable cold winter that is already making its presence known doesn't mean that the inside of a home has to be chilled as well. Even with the frost outside the windows, it is possible to stay toasty and warm indoors. A radiant floor heating system can supply all of the warmth a homeowner will need for the season - at a fraction of the cost of most traditional heating options. This eco-friendly technology produces heat with less energy than a forced hot air system, which means that regardless of whether an individual is heating his or her home with oil, natural gas or propane - the utility costs are lower. 
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average cost of a gallon of residential heating oil for Dec. 16 was $3.952 - up from the price of a gallon at the beginning of the month on Dec. 2 at $3.917. Residential propane was $2.712 a gallon on Dec. 16 - up from $2.566 recorded on Dec. 2. As the cost of energy continues to increase year after year, it becomes even more important for a homeowner to select a utility option that will keep a space comfortable to inhabit, yet also have a technology that consumes so much energy that it becomes unreasonable to run due to cost. 
A radiant floor heating system delivers warmth to a room consistently through the power of conduction. Heat radiates through the pipes that run evenly throughout a room to spread warmth. Because the warmth is directed through the floorboards, a homeowner and his or her guests are able to experience the comfort of walking on a warm material. In addition, the heat having direct contact to the body makes a person absorb the warmth that much better, which means that the thermostat can be set at a lower setting than is typical for a forced hot air system. 
The consistent delivery of warmth, which is unlike the stop and go process a forced hot air system uses, ensures that consumption of energy is reduced and even - keeping the costs associated with warming a space to a minimum. As this cold winter continues to deliver chilly weather, it's important to invest in quality utilities like a radiant floor heating system.