Radiant in Residential

Trendy Oakland home wows public with energy-efficient technologies

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 20:10

In sunny California, residents, business owners and politicians are known for supporting sustainable solutions. The state is considered one of the greenest places in the nation because of its numerous energy-saving initiatives. 
The availability of efficient homes on the market makes this state unique. However, even in cities like Oakland, one home can stand out from the others on the seller's market because of the quality of its materials and technologies. In the trendy neighborhood of Dogtown, just south of Emeryville, a recently built home has been listed for sale at 3425 Louis Street, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. 
The energy-efficient technologies and materials included in the design of the structure make it unique. According to the news source, the seven-room home has been outfitted with decorative stained concrete slab floors, recycled wood and large windows that are positioned to allow lots of light into the house. An on-demand water heater and  radiant floor heating system allows for the home to remain operationally efficient. 
Built in 2013, this home remains at a comfortable temperature thanks to the radiant floor heating system. In the cooler evening hours and the chilly winter months, every inch of the 1,685-square foot home is filled with warmth. Besides promoting exceptional comfort, a radiant floor heating system also has the power to use less energy than a traditional heater, which makes it operationally efficient and allows a homeowner to reduce his or her monthly utility bills. 
As energy prices continue to increase, selecting the right energy-efficient systems become of even greater importance for homeowners. Installing a radiant floor heating system in a home allows a homeowner to feel confident about the state of his or her finances concerning utility bills and reduce the environmental impact of a house.