Radiant in Residential

Traditional New England home goes up for sale

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 08:50

In the quiet town of Wellesley, Massachusetts, a traditional, Colonial-styled home has been placed on the market. The Wellesley Townsman reports that the home is in the center of the Cliff Estates community and is located at 26 Arnold Road. 
The home has all of the classic charm of a 1930s home with the latest modern renovations to make it the ideal house. Some of the cosmetic features of the house include an updated eat-in kitchen, a study and a formal dining room. According to the news source there are French doors, crown molding, wainscoting and recessed lighting. 
The 2,682-square-foot house is not only a prize because of its high-quality finishes, but also because of the energy-efficiency technologies installed. A radiant floor heating system has been placed in the home to reduce the costs associated with running the place month after month. The utility option uses energy more effectively and delivers constant warmth at a consistent level - unlike more traditional options like forced hot air, base board heating or radiators. 
When the news is constantly telling the public that energy prices are going up, it's nice to know as a homeowner that the utility system installed in one's home runs efficiently. Radiant floor heating provides the perfect solution for a homeowner who wants to spend next winter in a comfortable, well-heated space, without breaking the bank. 
In addition to the comfort the system can provide and the cost savings, it is also can be installed underneath the traditional hardwood floors that are a primary feature of the house. This eight-bedroom home has been properly outfitted for comfort and style thanks to modern renovations.