Radiant in Residential

Towers rising from the sands make for a sustainable future

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 09:14

Innovations like radiant heating and solar power have revolutionized the way people can build their homes to make them more energy efficient and sustainable. Mankind has made great leaps in recent years to curb its waste of natural resources and reel in the damage done to the planet. However, there are some things effective floor heating can't fix. What are people to do with the massive amounts of land in the world that are deemed uninhabitable? Some designers go above and beyond with their imaginations with ways to utilize current and future technology to transform impossible areas into bustling metropolises.

Designers and architects from around the world partake in an annual competition hosted by EVolo, where they come up with the ideas for skyscrapers of the future. One such idea, called the Sand Babel, looks to make use of the deserts covering the landscape and change them into sprawling urban centers, according to Inhabitat. 

This structure would utilize the advancements made in 3-D printing to take the abundant sand around it and construct itself. The Sand Babel would be powered by the sun and hold not just residential areas, but scientific bases and platforms to observe the stretching horizons all around it too. A subterranean network of tunnels would connect the building to others like it for easy transportation and as a measure of grounding itself against the fierce desert winds. Water would be collected through condensation at the upper regions of the structure and a ventilation system would be installed to keep the inside cool from the scorching heat outside.

Ideas and designs like this are what pave the way for more practical developments in technology that you can use in your own house. These concepts of fully functioning and self-sustaining buildings aren't so far away that people can't think of them. Now we only have to implement them.