Radiant in Residential

Toronto home renovated to include radiant floor heating

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 07:51

Sometimes a homebuyer doesn't purchase a house that is move-in ready. Instead, he or she decides to buy a home that needs a little TLC. The Globe and Mail reports that a home that was recently renovated is now the prize in a bidding war between multiple people. 
The home used to be in a state of disrepair and desperately needed to be updated. But after the sellers put in some time and money, the property is now gleaming with modern amenities and charm. 
"It's was a very funky row home from the 1890s that was completely renovated," said agent Cameron Weir, who notes improvements even to often overlooked areas, according to the news source. "Over the last few years, the sellers completely gutted the bathrooms and added radiant floor heating and custom closets." 
The news source reports that the 1,724-square-foot house was stripped down and upgraded with both functional and cosmetic changes. A radiant floor heating system was installed in the bathrooms and master suite to provide luxury and comfort to the homebuyers, as well as reduce operational expenses related to heating those rooms. Instead of waking up to a cold morning in Toronto and having to walk across frigid floors, a homeowner can now feel the warmth radiating from the ground and have toasty toes to state the day.
An atrium with multiple sky lights has also been installed in the home to provide lots of natural light in the living spaces. In addition, it allows residents and guests to experience the wonder of staring up at the stars from the comfort of the house. Other quality changes include refurbishing the kitchen with high-end appliances that save energy and are chef worthy.