Radiant in Residential

Toronto home highlights the benefits of traditional design, radiant heating

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

A recently redesigned home in Toronto, Ontario, has the look of a traditional Canadian townhouse residence, but the house also contains modern conveniences like radiant heating to keep a balance of the old and new.
The Globe and Mail reported that Jacqui Elliot and Bob Peake were happy to make additions to their residence, which was initially constructed more than 115 years ago. The couple loves how the front of the home presents a more business-oriented feeling to guests while the interior and backyard suggest more of a free-spirited approach to housing.
"I guess it’s very typical of many of the older houses that all the focus is towards the street, it’s very urban that way," Elliot told the newspaper.
The couple decided to put in a number of new technologies to offset the older feeling of the home, as they installed a wide marble island, modern amenities and fixtures in the kitchen and a radiant heating system under a hardwood floor.
The radiant heating system gives the guest a sense of comfort, as it welcomes them to the home during the cold Canadian winter with an immediate sense of warmth.
A radiant heating system helps to open a home up to a whole new level of comfort, as visitors and family members will appreciate the warm feeling on their feet after taking off their shoes.
For those who have not experienced the feeling of a heated floor, the sense of comfort that it provides is almost startling. Toes uncrinkle, a body warms up and a smile creeps across the face of whoever is lucky enough to experience the sensation.
Along with increasing the pleasant nature of a home, it also helps to reduce overall operating costs, as it is an energy efficient alternative to the more traditional heating systems.