Radiant in Residential

Top luxury homes in Central Ohio are owned by race car drivers

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 07:29

Three of the six most expensive homes listed as for sale in Central Ohio are currently owned by race car drivers. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the three homes range in price from $3.5 million to $5.9 million and each feature a slightly unusual space - a custom garage. 
Each property includes a custom-designed garage that can house a homeowner's vehicles in style. In addition to the expansive space and plentiful square footage included in the working and parking areas, most of the garages also include offices and lounge areas.
One garage offers a potential homebuyer the opportunity to create an at-home meeting or event space. The news source reports that Jeg Coughlin Jr.'s property features a barn-styled garage that can hold four or five vehicles at one time. The space is heated with radiant floor heating for comfort because of the large amount of time Jeg Jr. and his peers spend in the garage. The warmth slowly rises up from the floor and fills the entire space. He enjoyed the practical and luxurious feeling of radiant floor heating so much that the system is also installed throughout the 14-year-old house. The property includes four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, three kitchens, an elevator, a private nanny suite and an indoor pool and tennis courts. Situated on 10 acres of land, the private residence even has its own waterfall and lake.
Another luxury property, owned by Bobby Rahal, is also listed as for sale for $3.5 million. Like the Jeg Jr. Like the home of Jeg Jr., Rahal's place also features a custom garage that was built for the Indianapolis 500 winner. The garage has a brick floor and has been used as a location for fundraisers because of the comfort of the radiant floor heating system.