Radiant in Residential

Top four benefits of radiant floor heating

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 08:40

Regardless whether a property owner is looking to remodel his or her personal home or a commercial structure, often they are interested in installing high-quality materials and technologies. A radiant floor heating system is a practical heating solution in both a residential and commercial structure. 
The four benefits of a radiant floor heating system:
1) Decreased operational costs. Because a radiant floor heating system reduces heat loss in comparison to more traditional heat delivery systems like radiators, baseboard units and vents, a property owner will spend less money each month on utilities. Warmth is directly transferred to the living spaces, which means energy is not wasted outside of the home or the walls.
2) Creates a healthy space. A radiant floor heating system doesn't deliver warmth with traditional units like vents. As a result, the transfer of fine particulate matter like dust, mildew and pollen is reduced and alleviates respiratory aggravation that many people experience. Those who have asthma or a respiratory illness like bronchitis will find that a radiant floor heating system is the ideal solution to reducing the presence of harmful irritants. 
3) Less environmental impact. Property owners interested in decreasing the carbon footprint associated with their structure will be pleased to know that a radiant floor heating system uses less energy than traditional heating options. This eco-friendly solution decreases heat loss, is more energy efficient and can be easily tied into a solar panel system for power. 
4) Improved comfort. Experience the comfort of having warmth radiant from the floor boards. The gentle transfer of heat through the floors allows people to remain warm during even the harshest winter and experience toasty toes as they walk barefoot in a house.