Radiant in Residential

Top benefits of radiant floor heating

Tue, 12/24/2013 - 07:33

There's nothing quite like the comfort that comes from the knowledge that the utility systems and technologies installed in your home are working effectively. Walking into your home after a long day at work, running errands or volunteering means you are looking forward to having time to kick up your feet and relax in comfort. As a result, it's crucial that a house is outfitted with the solutions that will decrease stress instead of creating more work. A radiant floor heating system helps you save time and money, while providing you numerous other benefits that promote happiness. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in radiant floor heating:
1) Decreased heating costs. Unlike traditional forced hot air systems, the heat created by a radiant floor heating system is applied directly to the space through the floorboards. This means that the temperature that a thermostat is set to can often be reduced a few degrees without a homeowner ever experiencing a noticeable difference in the comfort of a room. In addition to allowing for a temperature reduction, the technology also more effectively uses energy resources, regardless of whether they are green, like solar, or more common, like oil. The limit on energy necessary for creating heat allows you to save considerably on utility bills each month. 
2) Improved comfort. The heat from a radiant floor heating system is applied directly through the floorboards, which means that as you walk across the room you get to experience the warmth on your skin. Because the technology delivers the warmth consistently, as the pipes are spread out across the room evenly, there is no chance of suddenly walking into a cold spot. The heat from the system slowly travels upward in the room so that it is concentrated in areas that homeowners are using the most instead of immediately being pumped upwards through a forced hot air system. 
3) Increased sustainability. If you are trying to reduce the carbon footprint associated with your home, a radiant floor heating system is the perfect utility solution. This eco-friendly technology uses less energy to create warmth and decreases the chance of heat loss from occurring. It's common for heat to escape from a forced hot air system as it travels through the vents in a home, as well as escaping to fills areas that are not used like the walls or ceilings of a room. A radiant floor heating system delivers heat through the power of conduction, and the pipes are highly insulated to ensure that warmth is only directed to the areas that a homeowner wants heated. 
4) Upgraded respiratory health. According to the National Asthma Control Initiative, asthma affects about 25 million people in the U.S., including 7 million children. The respiratory condition is a growing problem for families across the nation, as asthma attacks lead to more than 1.7 million emergency department visits and 450,000 hospitalizations each year. Fine particulate matter that is commonly found in homes includes dust, dirt, dandruff and mold - all of which can cause a person with asthma to have an attack or simply create more hazardous breathing conditions for those with respiratory issues. A radiant floor heating system isn't pumping air around a home through vents, which means that fine particulate matter isn't circulating through a house and making it more difficult to clean or remove.