Radiant in Residential

Tiburon estate wows with Warmboard radiant floor heating system

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 22:12

A new home in the highly desired neighborhood of Tiburon is wowing almost everyone who gets a glimpse of its modern style. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a flat lot in Marin County, overlooking San Francisco Bay, has been transformed into a coveted modern marvel. The house has been upgraded with the latest in technology and features many sustainable solutions.
According to the news source, the modern home is controlled by wall-mounted iPads and iPods, which can operate everything in the estate from the entry gates to the radiant floor heating system. Other technologies controlled by the Apple design include the fireplaces, fountains, intercoms and the security system. The high level of control given to a homeowner thanks to the iPads and iPods allows everything in the house to remain comfortable for each individual. 
The Warmboard radiant floor heating system is a high-quality upgrade because it combined both operational efficiency and sustainability. The Apple system can work with the radiant floor heating utility to effectively manage the temperature of a home. In addition, the property has been broken up into different zones so that areas that are used less can be kept at a cooler temperature to reduce energy usage. All of this is controlled easily with the use of the wall-mounted iPads and iPods.
A radiant floor heating system not only provides a homeowner with greater control of the temperature in a home, but also ensures that every space in the property is kept at an even temperature. The even, high-quality disbursement of warmth radiating from the floors that the system provides is unlike anything felt with a traditional ventilation or radiator option. With this modern home, only the latest in heating technology would do.