Radiant in Residential

Sustainable suburb complex in Washington features radiant heating systems

Wed, 10/26/2011 - 09:48

The neat rows of house in the highlands of Issaquah, Washington, seem like any other suburb around the country. But, with a closer look, an observer may notice the green and sustainable technology that these homes feature, according to the Global Post.

Though the homes feature a radiant heating system to give residents a comfortable source of warmth, the technology doesn't appear in an obvious way due to the lack of a radiator, heating ducts or air vents.

However, some of the technology is visible, as solar panels on the roof and rainwater collectors can be seen on each of the residences. One of the developers of the project, Brad Liljequist, noted that the homes were built in this way to solve a specific purpose.

"We were looking at those big picture, ecological footprint components, and basically said, well what would it look like to build a house that takes those impacts as close to zero as possible," Liljequist told the Global Post.

The development of the sustainable suburb came through a joint government and private contractor sponsored program, according to the news source.