Radiant in Residential

Straw-bale home features radiant floor heating

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 06:57

What would you imagine a straw-bale home would look like? Would it be energy efficient? Would the home be attractive? The Star Tribune reports that the straw-bale home in North Branch, Minnesota is all that and more. Ken and Laura Geisen chose to build a home insulated with straw bales 16 years ago and still it is holding up and keeping utility costs down. 
The straw bales are covered with a stucco finish that ensures the material remains dry. 
"When we traveled to New Mexico, we fell in love with the big thick walls of adobe homes," Ken told the news source. "This has a similar type of look and feel." 
According to the news source, the straw bales are a highly effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs associated with running the home because of their insulating abilities. Combined with radiant floor heating, which also helps decrease heat loss, the Geisen's are able to enjoy a comfortable home without worrying about energy bills each month. 
By combining two effective energy-saving technologies, the homeowners are able to reduce operating costs without suffering a decrease in quality. A temperature of a room can have a great impact on whether it is a usable space for a homeowner, as a result, HVAC systems are a crucial component in any construction project. For more unusual properties, it's always a concern to ensure that the HVAC system put in place works with minimal effort with the other technologies and materials installed in the structure. 
This home demonstrates that the combination of unique features and modern technologies can create a harmonious space. Consider the merits of installing a radiant floor heating system in your home.