Radiant in Residential

Stop shivering this winter and invest in radiant floor heating

Tue, 12/24/2013 - 19:36

Winter is officially underway, which means there's plenty of reason to celebrate. The holiday season is here, families and friends are bundled up close and winter sports abound. Unfortunately, the season also brings with it bitter, chilly weather. To stay warm this winter, a homeowner can invest in a radiant floor heating system. The eco-friendly technology is able to produce warmth in a consistent manner. Unlike traditional systems like forced hot air, a radiant floor heating system does not spurt out heat periodically and instead sends the warmth through the room consistently so that the space is comfortable. The process of conduction ensures that warmth slowly rises through the room, yet remains close enough to the floors in a concentrated amount so that homeowners and guests can really appreciate the temperature. 
As heating prices for oil, natural gas and propane continue to increase, it's important to invest in a system that is energy efficient. A radiant floor heating system not only uses less energy to produce warmth, but it also limits heat loss. The warmth is applied directly to the room, with the pipes radiating heat upward into a space. With a more traditional system that uses vents, radiators or baseboard units, the heat often travels throughout the structure and often disperses along the way. Unfortunately, that warmth that should be supplied to the rooms people are in, is being stored then in the walls or ceilings. Every tiny drop of heat that is lost is energy being spent in an ineffective manner - costing a homeowner funds that could be saved or spent elsewhere. A homeowner can invest in a radiant floor heating system for added comfort and savings this winter.