Radiant in Residential

Stay comfortable this winter with radiant floor heating

Mon, 12/23/2013 - 07:26

As the snow, sleet and ice cover everything outside, homeowners are tired by the time they make it to their front door. It's hard work to traverse the icy walks outside, especially trying to not fall or accidentally step into a slush pile. Once inside, it's important to feel comfortable and relaxed. A homeowner can create a cozy place with a few innovative solutions to ensure he or she is enveloped in warmth as soon as they step inside their front door.
Here are three ways to increase the coziness inside a home:
1) Thermal curtains. As the cold wind chill hits the windows of your home, decrease the risk of the cool temperatures outside radiating inside through the glass with window adornments. Thermal curtains can help create a cozy environment in a home by making an additional buffer between the outdoors and inside. In addition, the right curtains can help make a room feel like a cozy cave on a long winter night spent with friends and family or cuddled into the couch with a blanket and book. 
2) Radiant floor heating. There's almost nothing less appealing than walking across a cold floor or spending time in a chilly room. A homeowner who wants to forgo the discomfort of a cool space in the middle of winter can invest in a radiant floor heating system. The eco-friendly technology uses less energy than more traditional heating options, which means that an individual can afford to increase the temperature on the thermostat without breaking the bank. The consistent delivery of warmth through the floorboards will allow a homeowner to feel the pleasure of walking across a heated surface - regardless of what the temperature is outside. Through the power of conduction, heat steadily fills a room. The pipes for a radiant floor heating system are evenly spaced out throughout a structure so that there's no chance of a sudden cold spot developing. 
3) A fireplace. The unique experience of having a fireplace is appreciated during the chilly winter months. This traditional heating element isn't necessary for warmth, as a radiant floor heating system does that job well. However, it is still fun and cozy to pile a fireplace full of logs and listen the crackle of burning wood and watch the light flickering across the room.