Radiant in Residential

Solar system integration with radiant floor heating improving

Mon, 04/01/2013 - 17:01

Advancements in solar panel technology and the increasing popularity of radiant floor heating are having an impact on the residential and commercial real estate market. For some property owners, the lure of the two technologies is the environment and for others its the increased operational cost savings. 
Both technologies offer a property owner the ability to circumvent rising utility costs and are becoming more affordable.
"Utility prices are going up, and solar prices are going down," Ryan Zaricki of Whole Sun Designs told The Courier Press. "The units are paying for themselves in 10 years - sometimes five years." 
Zaricki went on to tell the news source that property owners interested in solar panels, solar heaters and radiant floor heating may be able to reduce the initial cost of the technologies because of the increasing availability of available tax credits. 
Solar waters heaters are a popular choice for powering radiant floor heating because the two technologies interface well together. The large thermal mass that is common to radiant systems is an excellent storage system for solar energy generated during the day. At night, this energy slowly emits into the living space and because of the reliability of a radiant floor heating system, warmth is transferred at a consistent and even pace for maximum comfort. 
Radiant floor heating allows a property owner to reduce his or her operational costs - regardless of the size of the property. In addition, zoning technology to separate portions of a home has been created for an individual who wishes to have even greater control of where and when heat is being produced. Consider the merits of installing radiant floor heating in a home and seeing the utility bills immediately decrease.