Radiant in Residential

A skyscraper of the rainforest

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 07:15

While people might install radiant heaters in their houses to protect the environment around them, one wonders if there is more we can do to help out our planet. Getting the best heating system for efficiency is a start, but designers in the annual eVolo skyscraper competition are looking to take it even further. Some of them have developed concepts that don't just look to reduce the carbon footprint on the world, but actively work to help and protect it.

The Rainforest Guardian

A Chinese design team submitted an idea to the competition called the Rainforest Guardian. The plans for this skyscraper are to actually construct it in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. While this may seem like it would do more harm than good, the building actually works to prevent and fight fires that break out in one of the Earth's most biologically diverse ecosystems, according to Inhabitat.

The building is inspired by the lotus flower with its natural aquatic advantages. The Mother Nature Network reported that a large circular platform will sit atop the height and collect rainwater during the wet seasons. It will filter and store this water to either irrigate the surrounding portions of forest during the dryer seasons or use it as a water supply to fight fires that spring up deep within the rainforest. The building will also serve as a station for scientific research and observation as well as a weather monitoring station. This will hopefully give people greater insight onto ecological damage the rainforest suffers, cause by both man and nature.

Where this design takes its turn into the land of science fiction is how it proposes we fight the fires that do occur. The Rainforest Guardian is meant to come complete with a fleet of flying drones to fight the fires. They will suck up water from the skyscraper's reserves and fly back and forth, applying the water wherever needed until the blaze is out.

Real-world potential

While this seems farfetched, it gives us hope that one day the technology may catch up to designers' dreams. With modern advances, we can build not just eco-friendly homes, but a whole sustainable world working in harmony with nature and the resources it provides. In the end, that will save everyone not just money, but the planet we call home too.