Radiant in Residential

Skiing and comfort combine with radiant floor heating

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 08:52

A mountainside home has recently been listed as for sale and skiing enthusiasts are dreaming of all the possibilities it holds. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the house at 14483 Home Run Trail on Lake Tahoe in Colorado is a three-bedroom modern marvel with direct access to the slopes. 
"The biggest benefit of the home is the location," said Jim Telling of East West Partners, according to the news source. "You can walk out your back door and onto the slopes. It's unique to Lake Tahoe." 
Those who love the snow and fierce sight of a mountain rising out of the earth will enjoy this property. Not only does it have nature right there, but it also has the benefit of the Northstar ski resort nearby so that homeowners and guests can go to the lodge and socialize with friends and grab dinner and drinks. The home comes complete with a two-year membership to the amenities at the nearby Ritz Carlton Hotel. 
"Owners can have dinner at the hotel, use the spa or have drinks on the back deck," Telling said. "It creates a real sense of community between the residents." 
When homeowners are not enjoying local distractions, they can take comfort at home in a property that has been designed for relaxation and operational efficiency. A radiant floor heating system was installed in the house so that once a homeowner walks in from the slopes, he or she feels the warmth instantly envelope his or her body for greater comfort. In addition to providing consistent heat, the system is also highly energy efficient in comparison to more traditional solutions - allowing homeowners to save on monthly utility bills.