Radiant in Residential

Senior terrace offers high-class amenities like radiant floor heating

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 10:29

The Riverdale Terrace Waterfront Retirement Residence is finally opening after much fan fare. Cornwall Seaways News reported that the senior living center is expected to provide older members of the community a new way of living independently, but in a facility that has been designed to meet the needs of increasing age. 
"It has turned out very well, and I'm pleased," said Riverdale Terrace president and developer JC Godard, according to the news source. "It's creating a big family, jobs and gives seniors a nice place to live." 
The senior living center is located at 1200 Second Street West and includes 95 units on the city's waterfront. According to the news source, it took three years to plan and the develop the specs for the structure before construction ever began. As of August 2011, construction began seven days a week with 12-to-15 hour days to ensure that the structure would go up as quickly as possible, while still being focused on quality. 
Cornwall Seaway News reported that the developers in charge of the plan wanted the facility to not only be built to meet the needs of an aging adult, but also remain sustainable. As a result, many energy-efficiency technologies were included in the design of the structure to ensure that property managers would have operational efficiency. Radiant floor heating was installed throughout the building because it allows for a reduction in heating costs and creates a comfortable environment. The consistent delivery of warmth to every space is especially important in senior living facilities because of the reduction in chills and boost in comfort with aging joints that gain comfort from heat. Radiant floor heating is an excellent choice in a senior living facility.

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