Radiant in Residential

Seaside home features radiant floor heating

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 07:14

A seaside home that has played many different roles in the past is now up for sale. The Chronicle Herald reported that the Prospect Village was first built in 1849 as a summer home and called Mount Amelia. Later the property was sold in 1854 to a politician who later donated the house to become a convent and a school. In 1918 the structure became an orphanage for children who lost parents in the Halifax explosion, and in 1950 it was sold again to become a regional Water Fishing Club.
After this long and diverse history, the property is now for sale as a residential home. This Nova Scotia home has been upgraded with some of the finest modern features to make it more habitable for a single family. After housing dozens of children and guests through the years, the living spaces have been expanded if possible and key features restored like the hardwood floors. Large windows have been placed in all of the rooms to allow ample sunlight into the rooms without letting energy to escape as well.
To help create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, a radiant floor heating system was installed throughout the house. According to the news source, the effectiveness of the solution would take care of the necessary upgrades and go beyond expectations in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. The property has already survived so many transformations throughout the years, designers and contractors thought that focusing on the idea of sustaining, in terms of durability and environmentalism would be the perfect solution to upgrading the heating system.