Radiant in Residential

Save money with radiant floor heating in New England

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 18:46

Homeowners across the United States can benefit from the savings provided by radiant floor heating. The sustainable utility option allows homeowners to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature - regardless of the weather - without racking up monthly expenses. In New England, harsh, unpredictable winters can leave a homeowner feeling uncertain about the next bill being sent out. Funds are tight in many households, and the uncertainty about how much a monthly bill with come to for heating a home can add pressure and stress. 
According to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, the average cost of heating oil on June 18, 2013, was $3.63 a gallon. The highest cost found in the state was $4.50 a gallon and the lowest was $3.16. The figures for June were slightly below the previous month's numbers. The average as of May 8, 2013 was $3.66 a gallon, the high was $4.70 a gallon and the low was $3.14 a gallon. While prices have declined slightly from the past month to June, energy experts are not expecting this trend to last.
Wicked Local reported that the situation in the Middle East and summer driving season have combined to increase the price of gas - driving the cost of a barrel of oil past the $100 mark. According to AAA Southern New England, gas prices have jumped 14 cents this week and could go higher. 
With gas prices continuing to go up and down, it could be a sign of a rocky winter ahead. Homeowners interested in decreasing operational expenses and getting rid of the headaches associated with heating oil can turn toward radiant floor heating as an answer.