Radiant in Residential

Rhode Island Colonial home for sale features radiant floor heating

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 22:27

In the tiny New England state of Rhode Island, traditional-styled homes are very popular. The house at 222, Theresa Street, Woonsocket, was constructed in a traditional Colonial style, however, some of the interior features are distinctly modern. This blend of old and new is what many potential homebuyers are looking for on the market. The romance of an older style home coupled with the modern design and efficiency of newer materials is an attractive combination for many.
The Woonsocket Patch reported that the home contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms and large living spaces. The kitchen has granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and overlooks a double living room with a fireplace. The modern and the classic combination is seen with the heating system as well in this home. The fireplace adds a touch of history and character to the living room, but the space really relies on a modern, radiant floor heating system for warmth. 
A radiant floor heating system is a more eco-friendly warmth delivery system than traditional vents, radiators or baseboard units. Heat loss is substantially decreased because the warmth is applied directly to the room from underneath the floor boards. The lack of heat loss experienced means that a boiler or other unit does not have to work harder and consume more energy to produce the same level of warmth. 
The comfort provided by this sustainable heating option is incredible, which makes it the best solution currently available on the market. Warmth is spread out in an even manner and is consistent with the temperature a homeowner sets with a thermostat. In addition, the heat is applied directly through the floorboards and allows a person to experience the delight of warm toes during cool months.