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Rhode Island chamber hosts program on 'smart growth'

Thu, 03/22/2012 - 10:09

The Westerly, Rhode Island, Land Trust and the Greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a program that helped to highlight the benefits of going green and the positive effect it can have on small businesses, The Westerly Sun reported.

Titled "Charlestown Wine and Spirits: Case Study in Sensibly Green Architecture," the program highlights how the owner of the store was able to go green in a way that benefited his business.

"We have reduced our energy costs substantially, we no longer rely on fossil fuels, and the bottom line has been a whole lot rosier," Jonathan Malden told the news source.

The event, according to the news source, will focus on how small business owners and homeowners can take a "sensibly green" approach to construction projects, with details on energy efficient technologies and how to utilize products that work for each company or residence.

According to the Sun, the project at the liquor store represented a move by Malden to sacrifice a small increase on the up front cost - 11 percent over the cost of normal construction due to the energy-related improvements - for long-term savings that would help his business save money.

"We are using 67% less energy than comparable stores according to U.S. Government Energy Star figures," Andrew Baer, the project manager, told the news source. "You should not have to go into the red to go green."

These type of additions help to lower long-term costs, but can also provide other benefits like comfort. A Warmboard radiant heating system represents this dual improvement, as it uses less energy while providing a more efficient warmth to a building or home.

Warmboard radiant heating systems lower energy costs and consumption due to the use of highly efficient technology, and the product allows for a more even distribution of warmth - helping to increase how comfortable a space can be during colder months.