Radiant in Residential

Residential complex in Massachusetts is built with comfort and sustainability in mind

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 19:22

In the picturesque North Shore of Massachusetts, a new residential complex is being welcomed in the community of Marblehead. A new housing complex named The Residences at Middlewood is being built to bring Yankee craftsmanship and style to 15 townhouses.
According to The Marblehead Reporter, the new housing complex is being built with comfort and sustainability in mind. While the exterior of the buildings will appear similar to the many historic homes dotting the countryside of this town, the interiors will feature modern finishes. 
A large open-floor plan will provide homeowners with the multi-purpose entertaining areas they are looking for. The news source reports that buyers who invest in the project before the final construction phase is started will have the ability to customize some of the room sizes and the layout of the townhouse they purchase. Someone looking to purchase one of these townhomes even has the ability to select from a variety of bedroom and size options. 
However, with all of these choices, some things are not open for suggestion. According to the news source, the townhouses have been outfitted with a sustainable heating option to promote a more eco-friendly housing complex. A radiant floor heating system has been installed throughout the floors of the townhouses. The utility option will help buyers reduce operational expenses associated with heating and cooling their house without having to give up comfort. 
The property also has high-quality windows and high-R value insulation that will allow the heat from the radiant floor heating system to stay within the home and decrease the amount of energy needed to keep spaces warm. A comfortable home is the key to a happy home life.