Radiant in Residential

Renovated Montclair home features radiant floor heating

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 22:37

A Montclair home is wowing potential buyers with its wide range of custom features. Located at 30 White Court, the four-bedroom house sits in the middle of a tranquil cul-de-sac. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the property was originally built during the mid-90s, but has undergone various renovations since then. For example, in 2006, a number of outdoor spaces have been added to the property and the ceiling height of the house was raised so that homeowners could capitalize on the surrounding views. 
The renovations to the property make it a great buy for those who are looking for a move-in ready house. The contemporary design used throughout the house creates a polished, yet comfortable atmosphere. According to the news source, to further improve the comfort homeowners and guests feel in the house, a radiant floor heating system has been included in the floor plan. The eco-friendly system provides a consistent delivery of warmth throughout the entire house - leaving no chance for an exceptionally cool or hot spot to develop. Because the heat is created at the ground level, individuals get to experience the warmth before it the air cools as heat rises. 
In addition to providing exceptional comfort, radiant floor heating is also operationally efficient. This allows a homeowner to reduce energy costs, which are a costly expenditure each month during the cooler seasons. By using less natural gas or heating oil, an individual is able to experience the peace of mind that comes with reduced monthly utility bills and less strain on the budget. 
This property has recently been updated with the latest in modern construction materials. As a result, better windows, doors and insulation levels will work well with a radiant floor heating system to boost its performance and increase energy efficiency.