Radiant in Residential

Real estate website offers insight into common home features in desirable neighborhoods

Mon, 02/11/2013 - 14:51

The real estate market is once again picking up speed, and as a result, bidding wars are once again occurring. Potential property owners intent on purchasing a house are often left in the dark about what the demand is like out there for homes in highly desirable neighborhoods. 
As a result, the real estate broker firm Redfin has released a new website that provides up-to-date stories about their clients' home-buying experiences.  
"Only Redfin employs local agents across hundreds of neighborhood across America who use online tools for crafting an offer that are directly connected to our real estate search website. Our long-term strategy is to combine the expertise of local agents on the ground with powerful technology running in the Internet cloud; the source of all our strength is that we are both a service company and a software company. The result is a competitive advantage customers can't get anywhere else," said Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman.
One of the premier features of the site is the detailed accounts of what the average home in a neighborhood is expected to feature. Property characteristics that are considered the norm in one area may be highly unusual in others. For example, gas-powered stove tops are an unusual find in New Orleans, but are much more typical on Long Island. 
Homebuyers are concerned about the various characteristics and features a home may include that don't necessarily get included in the MLS listing for a property. Radiant floor heating, for example, is a highly coveted home feature that most buyers are interested in. The energy-efficient utility solution that is designed to fill a space with warmth is growing in popularity across the nation.