Radiant in Residential

Radiant heating in Toronto: Improving the value of a home and preparing for winter

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 13:44

The use of radiant heating in a home is not something that is a new idea for homeowners and developers, but the increased efficiency of newer technology within the sector and a call for lower emissions has accelerated the adoption of these products into homes.
The cold Canadian winter leaves residents with sky-high energy bills or a lack of comfort that can sometimes be downright unpleasant, and this is why many people who reside in areas that receive a brutal chill are keen to switch the technology that is used in their home.
Radiant heating systems are not just a way to cut energy costs and increase comfort in a residence, but they also help to remove some of the airborne toxins that other, more conventional heating systems are responsible for.
This is why new residences in Canada are more likely to contain the technology, and a Toronto residence that was recently constructed had one installed as a way to contribute to the owners' collection of green products.
According to Toronto Life, the new residence was originally built as an eco-lodge, but new additions gave it the appearance of a country home. This is why it contains a number of green products, but also has all of the amenities that any homeowner would want within their house.
The news outlet reported that the spacious residence was constructed with a state of the art radiant heating system, natural cooling, a rainwater harvesting setup and a biofiltration fixture that allow it to limit the overall energy costs and carbon emissions.
The winter months are also a much more comfortable time for residents, as they will be greeted with warm floors and a feeling of warmth once they enter the home.