Radiant in Residential

Radiant floor technology can enhance the value of a kitchen

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 05:29

Products that can enhance the value, both aesthetic and practical, of a kitchen are coveted by designers, as the area where food is prepared can often be a centerpiece for any home, according to Kitchen and Bath Design.

Radiant floors may provide the necessary warmth that kitchens requires, while the lack of heating ducts and radiators eliminates an eyesore that is present in many older houses, the news source reported.

Geothermal and solar systems can be made more efficient through radiant heating, and houses with such systems have become a good investment for homeowners due to rising energy costs and tax incentives, according to Terry Alsberg, the inventor of Warmboard Radiant Heat Subfloor. 

The heated floor can provide homeowners with an efficient solution to designing a practical and modern kitchen area. Due to the decreasing size of many houses, enhancing the value of rooms that are used the most is one of the practices that has become prevalent within the industry, reported the news source.

Hydronic radiant floors are the most popular and cost-effective version of the technology, according to the Department of Energy.