Radiant in Residential

Prime real estate often incorporates radiant floor heating

Fri, 12/21/2012 - 07:40

Luxury properties around the United States are getting energy-efficient upgrades. As property owners look for more sustainable solutions due to increased concerns about the environment and a yen to reduce utility bills, the inclusion of radiant floor heating in homes is improving.
The Cape Gazette reports that one house at 9359 Shore Drive Prime Hook Beach has recently gone on the market. The Delaware home has an inverted floor plan and includes many wonderful custom features.  Radiant floor heating is incorporated throughout the home under the main living area so that homeowners can enjoy the cozy comforts of being indoors, while appreciating the view of nature’s fierce power during a storm.
Radiant floor heating can be incorporated with a wide variety of flooring materials, which is why the marble floors are not a problem for the system. The natural stone transfers heat evenly throughout the room so that a homeowner doesn’t ever step into a random cold or hot spot.
In addition, radiant floor heating offers homeowners the ability to heat an open-floor plan with vaulted ceilings without having to pay an exorbitant amount in utility costs. Open-floor plans have grown in popularity with modern homeowners because of the flow and multi-purpose versatility of adjoining rooms.
The Bayside home also features a custom stained glass door that was created locally, custom insert cabinets throughout the kitchen, office and living spaces, a brushed nickel fireplace and a BOSE surround system with speakers in each room that are accompanied with individual remotes.
The luxury home is priced to sell at $1,699,000.