Radiant in Residential

Portland luxury condos feature radiant floor heating

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 18:49

For homebuyers searching the Portland, Oregon, market for the ideal condo, there are a lot of spaces to pick from. The city is well known for its wide range of properties and luxury living spaces. However, one condo property is making headlines because of its urban style. The New York Times reported that a condo unit on the top of the Clinton Condominiums is up for sale.
Priced at $799,000, the 2,100-square-foot space overlooks the Clinton Division in southeast Portland. Looking down from the condo, a person can see a lively community and a neighborhood street filled with yoga studios, cafes, restaurants, bars and an independent movie theater. Yet up in the condo, it's quiet and comfortable thanks to a number of high-quality features installed in the unit.
According to the news source, the condo is filled with walnut floors throughout and underneath is a radiant floor heating system. This eco-friendly technology allows a homeowner to control the temperature inside the living spaces with precision. In addition, the warmth rising from beneath the floorboards is exceptional and provides a highly comfortable space for family and guests to enjoy. A homeowner never has to experience walking on a cold floor again with a radiant floor heating system installed throughout the interior of the condo.
As the top condo unit in the building, a potential buyer has the opportunity to experience the job of watching the city happenings around them and see the sun rise and fall. The condo is filled with large windows, and yet, there are no cold drafts because of the quality, consistent heat being produced with the radiant floor heating system and the energy-efficient windows.