Radiant in Residential

Pittsburgh historical society rebuilds several houses for touring

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 09:21

The Westmoreland County Historical Society is opening the doors of several important and historic buildings to local residents during a two-day celebration of the area's rich cultural traditions, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune.

Built between 1820 and 1950, the sites that were chosen by the society have been restored and outfitted with several exhibitions and tools that will help the residents enjoy their tour, reported the news source.

The Miller-Cole House, was built by followers of Frank Lloyd Wright, and has had modern improvements to the residence in order to allow for a more comfortable atmosphere. Current owners of the home have installed several technologies including new windows and a slab radiant heating system, according to the Tribune.

A radiant heating system that is installed as part of a subfloor can heat up quicker than the concrete slab model, as the technology only takes two-to-three hours as opposed to up to 10 hours that the slab system requires.

Proceeds from the tours will benefit the historical society, and will help with future renovation projects, the Tribune reported.