Radiant in Residential

Pittsburgh green luxury homes feature radiant heating

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 23:12

Potential homebuyers looking in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for a green property are in luck – there are plenty of houses outfitted with the latest in energy efficient technology available. One development in the Highland Park community has two available properties listed for sale that feature a number of sustainable materials.

The first home at 708 North Beatty Avenue is smaller at only 1,600 square feet. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the house includes three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and a 3.57-kilowatt solar array on the roof. The larger property at 808 North Beatty Avenue has four bedrooms, three full baths and two powder rooms.

Eight solar panels facing slightly east and six facing the southwest are located on the roof of each house. The solar power helps run the households. Despite skepticism that the region does not see enough sun to make the energy-efficient solution a worthwhile investment, experts are positive that solar power is a suitable energy source.

"We have four peak sun hours per day. Albuquerque, N.M., has six. You don't need beautiful blue skies to make this work," Michael Merck, an energy expert at West Penn Energy Solutions, told the news source.

To make the energy source more effective, energy efficient utility solutions have been implemented in the design of the properties. The houses have radiant heat flooring on all four levels of the home fed by more than 6,000 feet of tubing, a geothermal ground loop and a five-phase boiler system.

By creatively implementing the use of various energy efficient technologies in combination with renewable energy sources, developers have been able to offer homebuyers exceptionally green properties.

Radiant heating provides a person with the comfort they desire and the energy efficiency they are looking for.